Sleep Aid Capsules with Magnesium and Melatonin

Promote Restful Sleep Naturally with Our Magnesium and Melatonin Capsules

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Our Sleep Aid Capsules with Magnesium and Melatonin are the perfect supplement for those who struggle with sleeping through the night. The unique blend of magnesium and melatonin provides a natural way to support restful sleep and promote relaxation.

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Additional Product Details

  • Dietary supplement with essential melatonin for a restful, evening sleep
  • Formulated with magnesium glycinate, melatonin, GABA and L-theanine for muscle relaxation
  • Magnesium glycinate creates full body calm and is more absorbable than magnesium oxide
  • Melatonin helps ease you into a relaxed sleep at night
  • L-theanine and GABA amino acids boost the benefits of this magnesium sleep supplement
  • Non-habit forming and helps support a healthy sleep cycle
  • Non-GMO Project Verified, Certified C.L.E.A.N., Certified R.A.W. and contain no sugar or artificial additives
  • Take two capsules at bedtime for a tranquil sleep
  • Natural Vitality CALM has been providing stress relief since 1982
  • Best-selling magnesium supplement brand in the Natural Products Market

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