Cold Sore Control: L-Lysine, Olive Leaf, B12, Echinacea

The ultimate solution for Cold Sore Control: Powerful blend of L-Lysine, Olive Leaf, B12, and Echinacea

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Cold Sore Control is a powerful blend of L-Lysine, Olive Leaf, B12, and Echinacea, specifically formulated to combat and prevent cold sores. This unique combination of vitamins and natural ingredients supports a strong immune system, reduces cold sore outbreaks, and promotes faster healing, providing effective relief for those struggling with the discomfort of cold sores.

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Additional Product Details

  • Natural OTC formula cold sore treatment
  • Great with cold sore cream
  • Support your body's natural defense system
  • Cold sore treatment with rapid absorption and bioavailability
  • Each pill crafted using high-quality ingredients
  • Easily absorbed by the body for maximum effectiveness
  • Fast-acting formula provides relief when you need it most
  • 100% natural cold sore support
  • Alleviates common symptoms associated with outbreaks
  • Including itching, tingling, burning sensations, and discomfort
  • Immune booster fortified MAX
  • High-dose vitamin B12, Vitamin C, L-lysine, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, and Zinc
  • Immunity defense suppression control
  • OLIVE LEAF EXTRACTS and Prunella vulgaris
  • Works with cold sore laser or cold light
  • Outbreak prevention
  • Helps reduce the frequency and severity of outbreaks
  • Unique blend of natural ingredients supports your body's immune system
  • Helps suppress and prevent future outbreaks

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