Nasal Polyps Symptoms Or Suffering From Post Nasal Drip?

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How usual are

are not a particularly common place illness, but it is one that causes considerable discomfort. Latest statistics show that between 1 and 25 people get out of 1000. That is not a large percentage, but the ones

Nasal polyps, Image from page 579 of A manual of modern surgery …
Nasal polyps, Image from page 579 of A manual of modern surgery …—Internet Archive Book Images (

that get them have weeks of acute discomfort.
In essence, nasal polyps are soft and painless growths that develop on the lining of the sinuses or inside the nose. They hang down from the lining in the form of a grape or a teardrop, depending of the size.

How serious are nasal polyps?
The condition is not serious, as nasal polyps can be easily treated but while the condition is not necessarily serious, the discomfort and the symptoms of the illness can be distressing for sufferers and do require treatment. They can cause difficulty with breathing which in itself is a concern. It is mandatory that the patient treats nasal polyps in order to relieve the difficulty in breathing.


The symptoms of the nasal polyps are very similar to the symptoms of the common cold. While the small nasal polyps do not cause visible symptoms, larger polyps can block the nasal passages and as mentioned previously, can cause difficulty with breathing. While the symptoms are very similar to the ones of the common cold, you have the feeling that you cannot seem to shake this cold. Symptoms include the following:
– runny nose
– lost sense of smell

– frequent infections
– pressure in the sinuses
– headaches and migraines
– sinus infection
– snoring
– stuffiness in the nose
– inability to breathe properly (inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth)

Where do polyps grow?
Commonly polyps grow in both nostrils. However, in some cases, nasal polyps can also grow in just one of the nostril, either the left or the right nostril.
Nasal polyps can grow individually, on their own, or in some cases, they grow in clusters.

Can they recur?
The most important thing to know about nasal polyps is that the treatment must finish. You cannot stop the treatment on halfway, even though there are no more visible signs and . The problem is, if you treatment is not finished, or you haven’t controlled the infection adequately, nasal polyps can recur. Therefore, every treatment of nasal polyps includes post treatment. For example, patients using steroid spray are advised to use the spray for 10 days, and another six weeks after the polyps have disappeared.


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