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Nasal polyposis (or chronic olfactory rhinitis) An Interesti…

Today assessment sets this concept versus the evo-devo three-nose theory, in which nasal polyposis is distinguished as specific to the olfactory nose and in particular to the non-olfactory mucosa of the ethmoid, which is considered to be not a sinus nevertheless rather the skull-base bone harboring the olfactory mucosa. The evo-devo strategy enables simple and precise beneficial medical diagnosis of nasal polyposis and its various clinical kinds, boosts differential medical diagnosis by recognizing relentless health problem of the breathing nose and those of the paranasal sinuses, presumes an autoimmune origin especially meant at olfactory system auto-antigens, and supports the surgical concept of nasalization versus that of useful sinus and ostiomeatal-complex surgical treatment. The ventilation function of the sinuses appears little compared to their production, storage and active release of nitric oxide (NO) serving to oxygenate arterial blood in the lung alveoli.

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