How To Lose Cellulite? Try Exercise To Get Rid Of Cellulite Fast!


Is exercise really how to lose cellulite and is it fast and for good? Cellulite is one of those nasty things that just seems to creep up on you. One day you’re all firm and smooth the next those tell tale lumps, bumps and dimples are all over your thighs and bum. Some say the skin looks like orange peel or cottage cheese. I say it just plain looks unsightly but what are we to do? Women of a certain age fall victim of this curse and may not even be over weight. It may not be life threatening or anything like that but it does make you want to stay out of the pool.

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Now there is a dirty word here,”exercise” but fear not a little of this can make a lot of difference not only to get rid of cellulite but to help you maintain a healthy body. There are certain exercises that are very helpful in reducing your fat and toning up those most at risk areas of the buttocks and thighs.There is nothing like a good cardio plus yoga and strength training have their place.

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Cardio workouts are great. You could just do your house work and pump the vacuum cleaner back and forth or you could get specially designed workouts that will really do the job. Cardio workouts will probably include jumping rope, running, step aerobics and fun Zoomba amongst other things. Just to be safe you need to determine your target heart rate and the best way to do that is to consult your doctor, you can also use body calculators online to determine what is right for you. Cardio will keep your heart strong, help you to lose weight and generally stay healthy.

Strength training

Strength training utilizes weights and resistance to keep you in trim. Cynthia Sass, MPH, RD uses exercises on .com that she says builds muscle tone and boosts circulation to help you get in shape below the waist. Her video shows you the exact exercises including the Standing Glute Toner, the Heel Slide, the Diagonal Butt Buster, the Warrior, the Stretching Lunge, and the Pigeon Stretch. These very effective exercises are good for toning and tightening the thigh, glute and hip areas.


You may not see yoga as high intensity exercise but it is great for stretching and toning muscles. An article from Magazine highlights a routine from yoga expert Kristin McGee that portrays seven positions. These are the Standing Forward Bend, the Chair Pose, the Eagle Pose, Warrior III, a High Lunge with a Twist, the Bridge Pose, and a Supported Shoulder Stand. According to Kristin these only take twenty minute three times a week.

So try the yoga and add 30 minutes of cardio workouts four times a week, plus the strength training and you should start seeing results in about six weeks! Yea baby!

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