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diabetesWith many people suffering from diabetes, there is an urgent need for awareness on how to care for diabetics. It is through the awareness program that people living with diabetes will be able to contain the condition and live a healthy life. The first step to caring for a diabetic is by having him/her tested for the type of diabetes he/she is suffering from.

There are three types of diabetes, Type 1 diabetes (also known as autoimmune diabetes), Type 2 Diabetes (characterized by high blood sugar), and gestational diabetes. Each type of diabetes is treated differently, meaning proper care is needed when handling these patients. Discussed below are several tips on how to care for patients suffering from the different types of diabetes condition.


Type 1 diabetes is very common in persons under the age of 20. This condition is caused by little or no insulin production by the pancreas. With the pancreas unable to produce enough insulin, the condition can be treated by giving the patient an insulin shot. The insulin shot may be given once in a day or when needed. The best way to care for type one diabetics is by ensuring they eat well-balanced meals with little to no carbs at all. The patient shouldn’t eat sweets or other sweetened foods to prevent the condition from getting worse. Careful dieting and exercise is needed to enable this patient live a normal life once again. Body exercise is mandatory as it helps keep the pancreas in check, which helps increase insulin production over time.



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Type 2 diabetes is the most common in most people. This condition is very common in teenage and young adults. Doctors relate this to unhealthy lifestyles, obesity and lack of physical activity. Also known as adult-onset diabetes, this condition is characterized by high amounts of sugar/glucose in the blood. Unhealthy dieting plans especially on high-carb diets cause this gradual spike in blood sugar, and unless one reduces or stops focusing on fast foods, the condition continues to get worse. Although the pancreas may be functioning properly, the insulin produced isn’t enough to help convert glucose into fats or induce respiration of the same. The only way to care for this condition is by losing weight first, taking on a proper dieting plan, and exercising every day.

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Gestational diabetes, on the other hand, is not as risky as type 1 and type 2 diabetes. This condition affects women in their second trimester of their pregnancy. This condition is however very common in women who get pregnant at an older age. The best way to prevent this from happening is by having children at 35 years or younger. Gestational diabetes can however be contained by eating well-balanced and highly nutritious meals and regular body exercise.

It is pretty clear that in many cases diabetes is preventable and we can see that it is caused by unhealthy lifestyles, unhealthy diet plans and lack of exercise. The best way to care for a diabetic is to seek medical assistance first, contain blood sugar levels by eating well and when appropriate taking medication prescribed by a doctor. You will need to eat well-balanced meals, reduce carbohydrate intake and exercise regularly. Losing weight will most definitely help and with an improved lifestyle this condition may be eliminated completely as an issue in your life.

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